Our team is a group of talented and qualified professionals with broad experience and highcommitment in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.The purpose of our company is satisfying our clients along with continuous development of our techniques in order to achieve realism in our architectural scale models helping our clients promote and sell in an effective and efficient way the projects to build.




Arquimodels is a company that elaborates architectural scale models with constant perfectioning and innovation in design, materials, high end technology and human talent. We provide the best tool to sell and promote architectural projects.




Consolidate ourselves as recognized leaders in architectural scale models in Colombia as well as international recognition for the quality of our products, specialized techniques, high technology, fulfillment and passionate human talent.


Connie de García, a striving woman with clear goals, love for architecture and tireless dreamer started elaborating architectural mockups in her study at home in a very simple and crafty way; however, she had a clear vision, desire to win, and have her own company. Today, 40 years later, after dedicating herself passionately to the building of architectural models and applying a singular mix of skill, craft technique and high end technology her company ARQUIMODELS has consolidated itself as one of the most well-known for quality and perfection in the elaboration of architectural models; and for the continuous development of techniques in textures and colors that provide an almost real lecture of each of the developed mockups.Throughout the years, ARQUIMODELS has obtained important recognition from important businessmen belonging to the construction sector in Colombia. This recognition and experience has enabled ARQUIMODELS reach markets in South America, North America and China (Hong Kong) For us is an honor to be partake in important projects nationally and internationally where Colombian talent is present and leaves a mark with its scale models. ARQUIMODELS, a world-class company made by Colombians’ for Colombia and the world.


Who we are
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